Both individually different the Special R and Special T are distinguished by their unusual shapes and generous aroma. The Davidoff Special R is also available in a tubed version.

It takes a highly skilled cigar roller to achieve the perfectly balanced format of the Davidoff Short Perfecto. Made with a new blend of tobaccos, this exceptional cigar has a decidedly spicy yet smooth taste.

The Davidoff Short T – a shorter version of the famous Davidoff Special T- is very rich in both aroma and flavour and provides a rare treat for the connoisseur.

While the Davidoff Special B – for Belicosos – is an elegant shape crafted by the most talented cigar rollers, the choice of the blend for the filler and the specially selected binder impart a distinctive spicy and full bodied flavour. The Davidoff Special B cigars are individually wrapped in cellophane to ensure a perfect cigar every time.

The Davidoff Double R, a true double corona, is the first of its kind in over a decade and represents a complex blend of excellent tobaccos from up to four different harvests.

All these cigars are reminiscent of a bygone era, full in tradition, rich in quality and flavour.