The distinctive silver skull that adorns the bands of Skull 77 caught my eye 6 years ago at Intertabac in Dortmund. These are not your typical light flavoured Costa Rican cigars, instead blending tobacco from 4 different countries. The cigars use the same blend for each vitola, each vitola band has a little change on it and the cigar caps have a twisted finish with a slight tip (not quite a pig tail nor a flag cap finish).

Laurent Taha is the man behind Skull 77. Sporting a beard that would not be amiss in ZZ Top, Laurent has a bit of a devil may care attitude, with a love for motorbikes, sports cars and cigars. The “77” does not come from Laurent’s birth year but, the date on which the brand was created 7.7.2014. The cigars are made in Costa Rica in Marc’s Vegas de Santiago factory, which won the Cigar Journal Award for Best Costa Rican cigar brand in 2017.