El Viejo Continente Cigars

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El Viejo Continente means “the old continent”. The brand is owned by Daniel Guerrero (from Barcelona) who is a Master Blender. Although the cigars are made in Nicaragua, the brand was born after a trip to Mexico when he met another Master Blender called Emiliano Lagos, from Tabacos Costas in Nicaragua. Daniel wanted to make cigars that reflected the old world European cigar culture (I need to ask him what he meant by that next time we meet) and he tasted something in Emiliano’s cigars that gave him the push he needed to create El Viejo Continente. Together they created a blend of tobacco which was rich and complex.

The cigars are currently being produced at the American Caribbean Cigars Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

This factory also produces cigars for The Traveler, La Rosa de San Diego and some Gurkha lines.