Peterson Kinsale Range

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The Peterson Kinsale pipe is one of those pipes that has a story to its design that has attracted collectors for years. The Kinsale is based on the classic Sherlock Holmes designs that have been made famous by Peterson Pipe and other well-known pipe makers down through the years. Most people can identify with the design of a Sherlock Holmes pipe, and the Peterson Company retains its standing as one of the companies that released the original Sherlock Holmes pipe look with its Kinsale line.

Part of Petersons Classic series the Harp symbol sits astride the silver band that makes this pipe such a good addition to any collection. A superb brown/red finish goes very well with the fishtail Cumberland mouthpiece. Available in the most popular shapes from the classic range

Please note Peterson Speciality briars, Kinsale Serie and Harp Serie are not 9mm filter pipes. The Peterson pipes come in a box with a cloth pipe bag.