Gawith Hoggarth Snuff Tobacco

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Gawith Hoggarth (also known as Kendal Snuff) acquired Helsington Mill in the snuff capital of the UK, Kendal in 1854 to make quality snuff.

The interest in English Snuffs has soared in recent years as Snuff is making a come back. English snuffs have a totally different character than any other snuff and are generally regarded as being of much better quality.

The lake district town of Kendal is the hub of British Tobacco manufacturing and benefits from two rival Snuff producers, Gawith Hoggarth and Samuel Gawith, which were formed when two brothers ended their partnership. They separated and became rivals with the river as a permanent divide and the quality of their produce and success to torment the other party with. This rivalry and bitterness has developed into a friendly competition in the 21st century but the benefits to the quality of the snuff that came from this rivalry still exists and is probably the sole reason English Snuffs are regarded as being of significantly higher quality than anywhere else in the world.

Snuff is made from the same high quality leaf that’s used to make pipe tobacco and cigarettes. The tobacco leaf is first blended to give the desired colour, then broken up and fed into a disintegrating machine, which reduced it to a coarse powder. A further process is then required to grind up the powder to give the finished texture and moisture. After a period of storage, essential oils and medications are added to flavour the snuff and then it is left to mature and to allow the flavourings to penetrate throughout the blend. Snuff is used in industries where dust or chemicals in the air make smoking dangerous, as an alternative to a cigarette or pipe. In today’s society where more and more places are becoming non-smoking, snuff can be used to give the same stimulating effect. Snuff taking is the cleanest way to take tobacco; there’s no cigarette ends, no ash, and no pipe dottles to dispose of and no smoke to annoy other people. As well as being a more sociably accepted way of taking tobacco, snuff is excellent for clearing the sinuses and relieving the tension of head colds.